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                    COMPLETE SOLUTIONS
Google Chrome Recommended. Please download here
Step 1: Sign in website https://certifieddealersprocess.com
  • Click on the right side of the page.
  • Input your account (user name and password) in the screen below
Step 2: Recall Deal and Search Deal
- Recall Deal
  • After logging in your account the home page will be opened.
  • Click Deal Screen on the left of home page or click deal # on the right of home to Deal Screen form
  • At Deal Screen form, input deal number 184404 at column and click button
- Search Deal
  • After logging in your account the home page will be opened.
  • Click Search Deals Form on the left side of the page and input information to find deal, then click button
    • Deal number
    • Customer Last Name
    • Customer First Name
    • Stock Number
    • Example: Input stock no B1747A and click Search button. it returns the found deal # 184404.
  • Click on Deal # 184404 to Deal Screen form
Step 3: View Menu
  • Step 3.1: On Deal Screen, please click button on the bottom side of the page if you want edit this deal. If you do not edit this deal, you click on the top of this form to open View Menu.
  • Step 3.2: if you edit this deal, you will click button to save it and View Menu form will be opened.
  • Step 3.3: On View Menu form, you can tick the product and tick option 1 or option 2 or option 3 or option 4, then you click button to save it.
  • Step 3.4: Click View Menu on the top of the form.
  • Step 3.5: Click on the upper left of the form to print view menu.